How to make an ageas elastic claim

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Making a claim with ageas elastic

If you’re looking to make a claim, ageas elastic home insurance is dedicated to giving you total peace of mind. You’ll benefit from a 24/7, market-leading and UK-based household claims service, designed to support you through the process, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Plus, it's been awarded ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service by measuring up to the Institute’s customer service standards and demonstrating on-going commitment to customer service excellence.  

To make a claim, please call our UK-based call centre, which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week on 0345 125 2491.

What will happen?

There are a few simple steps when you make a home insurance claim with us:

Step 1

Please call 0345 125 2491.

Step 2

If your claim can be settled over the phone, payment will be sent you within five working days.

Step 3

If your claim can't be settled over the phone it might be because: 

The claims team need more information from you:
  • If you choose to use your own contractor, all the claims team need is a written estimate confirming the cause of the damage.
  • Once you have this, please call the team back to see if they can settle the claim over the phone, or if they need you to send the estimate to them.


Please also read our tips on what to have to hand before you call.

Or, a loss adjuster or an approved supplier is required and will arrange to meet you. They will:
  • Contact you within two hours of receiving instruction from the claims team. 
  • Arrange an onsite inspection or collection of the damaged property, in most cases within three working days of contacting you.
  • Provide the claims team with written confirmation of the outcome within three days of the inspection.

Before you call

Before you call our home insurance claims team, try to have the following to hand if you can:

  • your policy details
  • any receipts
  • confirmation of the cause of the damage
  • photos of the damage
  • an estimate for repair/replacement

Top tips

Our top tips for making a home insurance claim:


  • Any claim for loss or malicious damage should be reported to the police.
  • Temporary repairs should be carried out to prevent further loss. If your claim is covered, then we'll reimburse you the cost, so keep hold of any invoices you pay.
  • Read your policy documents to see if you can use any of your optional cover, which is included in your policy. 



  • Don’t dispose of any damaged items, as we may need to inspect them. Badly damaged property can be stored in a garage or shed.


Get in touch with us if you have any questions or read our home insurance policy documents for more information.